Pregnancy is considered beautiful, but many women look beautiful on the outside and suffer from sore backs, strained muscles, and extreme tiredness on the inside. It can be difficult to get up and move around during the day, especially in the last trimester when the baby is reaching its full size and weight. For many women, a pregnancy massage is just the right activity to help them reduce soreness, relieve stress and feel myotherapy like they’re up for anything once again. Information on what to expect is below so any woman can feel comfortable getting a massage while they’re pregnant, even if they’ve never had a professional massage before.

A massage during pregnancy should begin with the massage therapist discussing their medical history, the medical history of their pregnancy, and what the woman is feeling at that moment. It’s important to discuss any complications of the pregnancy as there may be complications that could mean a massage is inadvisable or even dangerous. They should also detail everywhere they are uncomfortable so the massage therapist can determine what techniques should be used and where the massage should be done to benefit the woman as much as possible. This first visit can last up to an hour and a half as the massage therapist talks with the woman at length before the massage begins.

There are beds that are available specifically for massages for pregnant women, but many times these are not one-size-fits-all. Some massage therapists, instead, prefer to use pillows and folded blankets while the woman lays on their side. This is often far more comfortable, especially in the last trimester, and the woman will be able to adjust as needed while she is getting the massage. After the first visit, the massage should take about an hour and can be done as often as the woman needs. Any assistance for getting onto the massage table or getting into a comfortable position is going to be available.

For women who suffer from soreness and aches, especially toward the end of their pregnancy, a massage can be amazing. The woman can contact a pregnancy massage clinic to learn more about Why A Pregnancy Massage Is Good For You and to find out how they can arrange their first appointment. It’s a good idea to approve the massage with a doctor beforehand and be able to discuss the pregnancy and the areas of concern with the massage therapist before the first massage begins. This way, the massage therapist can do as much as possible to alleviate their pain and ensure they feel more comfortable through the remainder of their pregnancy.